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Claire Fletcher, Editor, Data Centre Review

Introduction to Data Centre Review Live

Keynote: The data centre industry in the time of Covid

Emma Fryer, Associate Director, TechUK

The pandemic has served to highlight how dependent the world is on the data centre community. Data centres with critical national infrastructure (CNI) designation have been able to stay up and running efficiently and maintaining staffing levels. The UK government has set up the Data Infrastructure Resilience Team which has specific responsibility for ensuring the data centre industry gets what it needs. The business-critical nature of the industry has finally been recognised. Will this profile and level of support continue post-pandemic? 

Analysis: Growth, investment, and key trends in Europe

  • Hyperscale cloud and internet demand – will this continue to boom?
  • New centres beyond FLAP

How will 5G transform the data centre space?

  • What are the necessary upgrades? Changes to switching and routers, and optimisation of NFV and SDN
  • Does 5G present an opportunity to virtualise RAN network functions?
  • Co-evolution of edge and 5G
  • Strategies and options for multi-tenant data centres
  • Preparing for the unknown – ensuring your solutions are flexible, agile and scalable


Evolution of data centre security and managing the proliferation of threats we face

  • More points of connection means more points of vulnerability… Do we have the skills?
  • Cyber attacks are getting increasingly sophisticated. How can we keep up?
  • Are the standards and frameworks fit for purpose?

Optimising remote monitoring

The Covid pandemic forced operators to manage with fewer on-site staff, thereby relying on more remote monitoring technologies. Assuming this will continue, what are the limitations of these systems? How can we take better advantage of them as we move into the ‘new normal’ working patterns?

PANEL: Leadership, skills, and talent

Steve Bowes-Phipps, Senior Digital Infrastructure Consultant, PTS Consulting & Board Advisor, Data Centre Alliance
Amber Villegas-Williamson, Consultant, Uptime Institute
  • Identifying the skills gap – what skills do we need for the future workforce?
  • What are you doing to promote women in your business?
  • Developing apprenticeship programmes
  • Where are the role models? Does the industry fail to secure bright new talent due to its secrecy/low profile? Is it time to be more prominent?

Closing remarks

Claire Fletcher, Editor, Data Centre Review 

End of Day 1