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It’s no secret that the last year has been a struggle for many of us, but without data centres, the majority of us wouldn’t have made it through, and that is no exaggeration. From home working, to entertainment, to staying connected with our loved ones, data centres have been the lifeblood working in the background making it all possible.

But, as the world (starts) to open up again, we can’t be too careful, so we are bringing Data Centre Review to you. That’s right, DCR is coming to you LIVE from your living room, office, pub or wherever you can get internet access really, via the oh so aptly named, DCR Live.

So, join us for this two-day event, taking place September 7 & 9. We have an absolutely cracking agenda lined up, chock full of expert speakers ready to educate us on how this has all been achievable.

We discuss the DC industry in the time of Covid and how it’s kept our world moving, as well as data centre growth and the key trends emerging from Europe. We then move onto the cyber threat landscape, where we delve into how to combat the (ever more sophisticated) cyber sleuths trying to gain access to our data.

Next up we have the importance of remote monitoring in a time where we’re all so far apart, and end day one with a timely panel discussion on the essential leadership, skills and talent we need to drive the industry forward.

In day two, we dive a little deeper, discussing the prevalent global goings on affecting our industry, i.e our net zero sustainability goals, and the likes of *whispers* Brexit. We also imagine the data centre of the future, as well as exploring the advent of smart cities and their need for equally smart data centres.

And how could we forget the edge? This technology has taken the industry by storm, with no signs of slowing any time soon, so we make sure you’re up to date. And last but not least, we finish the event with a slightly taboo subject, ‘Life after Huawei’ and ask whether kicking the Chinese tech giant out of the UK’s 5G infrastructure really was a matter of national security, or in hindsight, just a hindrance. 

You can check out the agenda, times, and our array of fantastic speakers in full detail below.